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March, 2019


The Bitcoin Times was created to cut through all the bulls#*% you may have read or heard about Bitcoin…(there’s lots of it). It’s not about “blockchain”, nor is it about “crypto”. It’s about what matters.

It’s dedicated to Bitcoin, as a concept, as a monetary phenomenon & as a new form of global, digital collaboration that is fair and robust in nature.

We've spent alot of time & energy distilling a broadly complex concept into something digestible, so that more people know what the real innovation in this space is.

We’ll be publishing 2 of these per year. It’s 100% free and created by the team at Amber for the sake of helping spread the right narrative.

We hope you enjoy it. PS - if you enjoyed the read & agree that more people should hear about it; we’d love it if you upvoted us on Product Hunt (see sidebar), and on Reddit.

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What kind of Bitcoin people would we be if we didn’t print limited edition, fixed supply, signed + barcoded copies of The Bitcoin Times and allowed people to buy them using a custom bitcoin & lightning cart? Seriously though.

The aim here is not only to talk about it, but to show it’s use.

Lightning is early but awesome, and the ability to codify the payment parameters & have them come in instantly from anywhere in the world, at basically no cost, is incredible. Now....Owning one of these as a hard copy might seem trivial, but we hope that in 20yrs time, when Bitcoin’s captured a much larger slice of the global capital pie, these initial edition Bitcoin Times newspapers will be worth something, particularly when they’re out of print and only priced in Sats.

Looking Ahead

We’ll be releasing 2 to 3 editions of The Bitcoin Times yearly.

In the coming editions, we’ll be collaborating with some of the most brilliant minds in Bitcoin (including those who’ve inspired this work), to not only save Aleks a few sleepless nights but to deliver another piece of truly timeless bitcoin content, that you and everyone you care about can refer to, forever.

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If you’re interested in writing a column & collaborating with us, or have any suggestions on who else should we should approach, please hit us up on Twitter.